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R. Descartes system

Rene Descartes The model of solar system
René Descartes (1596–1650) accepted the idea of heliocentric solar system proposed by M. Copernicus (1476–1543. On the basis of physical hypothesis of whirl movement of material particles (Descartes whirls), he developed a mechanistic conception of formation and development of solar system planets. According to this theory the Universe contains many systems of different bodies revolving around the central stars. The solar system is one of such whirls. R. Descartes believed that the Sun is surrounded by ethereal material, which acts on in large distances. The revolving Sun forces other planets to orbit around it.

Descartes, R. ... Principia philosophiae. Amsterdam, 1692.
French philosopher, physicist, mathematician, and physiologist René Descartes´s (1596–1650) treatise Principles of philosophy where the author presented his Vortex theory

Descartes, R. ... Principia philosophiae. Amsterdam, 1692.
Portrait of R. Descartes

Descartes, R. ... Principia philosophiae. Amsterdam, 1692.
Illustration of R. Descartes´s  Vortex theory

Fer, N. de. La sphere artificielle ou Armilaire oblique... Paris, 1716.
Nicolas de Fer‘s (1646–1720) copper engraving Artificial sphere or Oblique armillary with the solar system model proposed by R. Descartes

Coronelli, V. M. Epitome cosmografica... Venezia, 1713.
Vincenzo Maria Coronelli´s (1650–1718) treatise Epitome of cosmography ... illustration of R. Descartes‘s solar system model