Hinc itur ad astra


Joannes de Sacrobosco. Libellus de Sphaera... Wittenberg, 1550.

English scholastic and astronomer, Paris University professor of mathematics John Holywood‘s (lat. Joannes de Sacrobosco, ca 1195–1256) illustrated (e.g.: The scheme of the solar eclipse) edition of the treatise written ca 1220, (first printed in 1472), one of the most important medieval works on astronomy Book on the Sphere, 1550, with a preface written by a famous XVI c. German theologian, humanist and reformator Philipp Melanchton (1497–1560). J. de Sacrobosco‘s treatise On the sphere until the very XVII c. was the main coursebook of astronomy in European universities. The book was very popular – it had about 200 editions and was being published until the second half of XII c.