Hinc itur ad astra


Honterus, J. Rudimentorum cosmographicorum... libri IIII... Antwerpen, 1554.

Native of Transylvania (now Romania) cartographer, cosmographer and engraver Johannes Honter‘s (1498–1549) best known treatise Four Books of Cosmography Rudiments, which became a manual on Cosmography and had 39 editions (the first edition 1542), with added at the end 13 maps of the world and Europe which were later used by other cartographers. J. Honter earned fame by his star charts supplemented by five new constellations and by depicting figures in constellations with European garments of the Renaissance times (prior to that time figures were depicted with Arabian garments). He created star charts on the basis of geocentric conception of the universe.

The solar system model, where the Earth is depicted in the centre of the Universe