Hinc itur ad astra


Rudomina, J. Illustriora theoremata et problemata mathematica ex opticis, geometria, astronomia, sphaera elementari... Vilnius, 1633.

Lithuanian nobleman who has studied natural sciences at Vilnius Academy, as well as in Krakow, Leiden, Bologna universities Jan Rudomina Dusiatski‘s (1615–1651) treatise Best –known theorems and problems of mathematics, optics, geometry and spherical astronomy. Most probably it was prepared together with a German professor of Vilnius Academy mathematician Osvald Kryger (ca 1598–1665). Most important part of the book – on astronomy which describes newest astronomical discoveries of that time – Jupiter satellites, Mercury and Venus phases; observations of Vilnius sky by the telescope and calculations made on the basis of those observations, comparing them with the newest known data of M. Copernicus’s (1473–1543) and G. Galilei (1564–1642) calculations

The Sun theory described in J. Rudomina’s book