Hinc itur ad astra


Coronelli, V. M. Epitome cosmografica... Venezia, 1713.

Italian Franciscan monk, cartographer, mathematician, encyclopaedist, cosmographer, atlas publisher, one of the most well-known celestial and terrestrial globe makers Vincenzo Maria Coronelli‘s (1650–1718) treatise Cosmography epitome... (first edition 1693) containing star charts depicting constellations seen in Northern and Southern hemispheres and other illustrations related to astronomy (M. Copernicus’s, T. Brahe‘s, R. Descartes solar system models, different devices etc.)

Northern celestial hemisphere star chart presenting Zodiac constellations situated on the periphery of the circle. Among others Big Dipper (it. Orsa magiore) and Little Dipper (it. Orsa minore) constellations may be seen.

Southern celestial hemisphere star chart