Hinc itur ad astra


Doppelmeier, J. G. Atlas coelestis. Nürnberg, 1742.

Nurenberg University professor of mathematics, astronomer, member of London Royal Society, Berlin and Saint Petersburg Academies of Sciences, maker of celestial and terrestrial globes and various instruments Johann Gabriel Doppelmeier‘s (1677–1750)  Atlas coelestis, containing about 30 copper engravings related to astronomy subjects: M. Copernicus’s (1473–1543), T. Brahe‘s (1546–1601) cosmological systems, planetary phases, movement schemes, The Moon, the Sun system, eclipse theories, comets movement Northern and Southern Celestial Hemisphere images, star charts, etc.

Northern Celestial Hemisphere star chart

Southern Celestial Hemisphere star chart containing images of England, Copenhagen (lat. Hafnia, Denmark), Cassel (Germany), Berlin (Germany) observatories in corners